Constable Douglas Tribbling
York Regional Police
August 21, 1984

Constable Douglas F. Tribbling was a thirteen-year veteran of York Regional Police Force when he was killed in the line of duty on August 21, 1984. He was 49 years old, with only two years until retirement.

On the night of August 19, Constable Tribbling responded to a burglar alarm at a Markham computer company. He called for backup when he discovered the door smashed in and proceeded to investigate the premises. When his backup arrived only minutes later, Constable Tribbling was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest while his own weapon was still holstered. He was rushed to North York General Hospital in critical condition.

More than 100 officers from York Regional Police and Toronto Police Service joined the search for Constable Tribbling’s shooter, locking down the surrounding area and searching every car. However, officers had a difficult time finding the killer due to a lack of description.

Almost two days later, Constable Tribbling succumbed to his injuries in hospital without regaining consciousness.

Funeral services were held at Grace Anglican Church in Markham and the body was laid to rest at St. Philip’s Anglican Cemetery. Over 2000 law enforcement officers from Canada and the United States attended the ceremony. The floral tributes to the slain officer was three rows deep.

Constable Tribbling began his career as a clerk with the Markham Township Police Department in 1956. He was an exemplary officer, dedicated to his profession, and was quickly promoted to the rank of Detective. Constable Tribbling had thirteen years’ service with York Regional Police at the time of his death.